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iCrowdNewswire – Dec 28, 2016

Santa Monica, California – Fandom Sports Media Corp. (CSE: FDM) (OTC: FDMSF) (FRANKFURT: TQ42) (“Fandom Sports” orthe “Company”) is pleased to recap the Company’s activities and accomplishments for the year 2016.


1.  Announced the appointment of Scott Keeney, better known by his stage name DJ Skee to the Board of Directors.


The only thing that compares to SKEE’s passion for music is his love of sports. Born in New York City and living in every corner of the country as a child, DJ SKEE started his broadcast career on the radio at the age of 16 in Minneapolis, MN. He is recognized as one of the most influential figures in today’s entertainment business by both Forbes & Billboard magazine, DJ SKEE is carving a new definition for what a DJ is. With a thriving career as an entertainer and multiple ventures under his umbrella, DJ SKEE is at the forefront of popular culture. As an entrepreneur and digital pioneer, he founded the biggest all original digital broadcast platform in the world, Dash Radio. During, his career, DJ SKEE has worked with almost every major sports league, from the MLB to the NFL to the NBA. The city of St. Paul, MN declared May 26, 2016 ‘DJ Skee Day’.


In raw numbers, DJ SKEE has generated over one billion media impressions in under a decade, and has a network of over 500,000 social network followers. DJ SKEE can be heard daily on the radio, seen performing at the biggest events across the world, heard scoring movies & video games or remixing todays biggest artists, running a record label, production company, and marketing agency. He can also be seen on his hit FUSE TV show SKEE LIVE, with the likes of Mark Cuban, Ryan Seacrest, Snoop Dogg, Jooba Loc, Cozz, Travis Mills, JMSN, JOJO, Joey Bada$$, Skizzy Mars and more. DJ SKEE has been featured on AEG, MTV, FOX, CNN, CBS, KTLA, BET, NBC, NUVO, and CAA television networks.


In 2014, DJ SKEE hosted GRAMMY Live backstage at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, doing the official first interviews with the winners as they walked off stage for CBS.


Outside of his career as a DJ and personality, DJ SKEE is active as an entrepreneur being named one of Billboard Magazine’s influential “Power Players: 30 Under 30” in the August 21, 2010 issue. DJ SKEE was also named as an honorable mention Forbes Magazine’s influential “Power Players: 30 under 30” in 2012. Known as the man behind the entire marketing campaigns and promotions for the popular T- Mobile Sidekick in the mid-2000s, DJ SKEE has orchestrated campaigns for the launch of the Chrysler 300 & Dodge Magnum in 2004, Google’s Android Platform, nearly every major record label in the world, and more. DJ SKEE also has been active in the sports space writing for ESPN and working with athletes and sports leagues including Adrian Peterson, Kevin Durant, Clayton Kershaw, Jamaal Charles, Floyd Mayweather, the NHL, MLB, and more. In 2011, the Los Angeles Lakers used DJ SKEE’s Purp & Yellow (SKEETOX Remix) as the theme song for the season and may have been one of the most public examples of his works blurring the lines between sports and music. Its accompanying music video debuted at #1 on


“Sports and music go hand-in-hand,” DJ SKEE explains. “It’s one of the key pillars of our culture, of our lives. I’ve been hooked on sports since I was six years old and the Twins won the World Series back in 1991. So, I believe that the blueprint to success is merging sports, music and marketing. What FanDom Sports Media is working towards will change the world of sports and media and the way fans communicate with each other and athletes. I am very excited to be joining the team at Fandom Sports and have many great ideas in mind on how to launch this app and other media initiatives the Company is looking to roll out in 2017.”


2.  Announced the appointment of Royce Clayton to the Advisory Board


Mr. Clayton was drafted by the San Francisco Giants in 1988, the 15th pick overall in the first round of the draft.  Mr. Clayton spent 17 seasons playing for 11 different teams, including the San Francisco Giants, St. Louis Cardinals, Texas Rangers, Toronto Blue Jays, Boston Red Sox and the Arizona Diamondbacks. In 1997, Royce was selected to represent the St. Louis Cardinals at the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. He was awarded a World Series ring in 2007 when the Boston Red Sox won the World Series.


After retiring from MLB, Mr. Clayton started considering his options. Recognizing the potential to merge baseball with other forms of entertainment, he began looking at ways to combine the game he loved with his passion for music.


In 2013, during celebrity softball games and appearances with buddies Snoop Dog and LL Cool J, Royce conceptualized and developed the customized at-bat music for players which led to the formation of MUSIQ Locker.


MUSIQ Locker signed an exclusive deal with the MLB Players Association to produce custom walk-up songs for every interested major leaguer. Royce’s company recently produced songs for Chris Carter and Jimmy Rollins, and has tunes for David Ortiz, George Springer, Mike Trout and Michael Brantley in the pipeline. (Excerpt from Rolling Stone Magazine December 11, 2015)


Mr. Clayton played the role of Oakland A’s shortstop Miguel Tejada in the movie Moneyball, the 2011 American biographical sports drama starring Brad Pitt.


The addition of Mr. Clayton to FanDom’s advisory board along with his “inside knowledge” of the sports world will be significant resource for FanDom and the Fandom Sports App, as well as the development of further media initiatives that the Company intends to launch in 2017.


Royce Clayton commented, “When I was first told about the Fandom Sports App I was very intrigued.


I see the vertical of sports argument and debates as under-monetized. I also see that the main stream media as well as social media is comprised of a lot of noise and banter without any structure.


In this environment, a winner or a loser can’t be identified and nobody has their voice heard, there’s no conclusion. Fandom and the complimentary media initiatives it is developing will finally make this a thing of the past. Additionally, there are a multitude of ex-athletes that have so much to say and offer in an environment like the one Fandom provides. Main stream media doesn’t offer a platform for the opinions and knowledge these athletes have of the sports they played to be heard unless it conforms to what the network wishes to air. The leagues also monitor the networks content. The relationship between the networks and the athletes is a delicate one and, as a result, the fans never get to hear the “real” side of sports and the opinions of those who know the sport best.”


3.  Announced the addition of Don “The Predator” Frye to the FanDom team


Don Frye “The Predator” is an American former mixed martial artist, amateur and professional wrestler, UFC Hall of Famer and actor. Don is one of MMA’s early stars and most recognized fighters. He is considered one of the original “cross-trained” MMA competitors because of his multiple disciplines; boxing, wrestling, and Judo. A tournament win at the UFC 8 unfolded a new career, world-wide fame earned from professional wrestling in Japan, and a dip in the waters of acting has awarded Don Frye the life that he dreamed would happen. With his cowboy hat and giant manly moustache and large belt buckles, this Arizona and Los Angeles based UFC legend is highly recognizable.


A proud American and son of a United States Air Force Colonel, Frye has graciously visited troops on three USO tours. Moved by the men he visited at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington D.C. Frye was also honored to visit the military bases and troops in Afghanistan and Qatar on a USO tour. Frye is also a two time guest for the Make-a-Wish Foundation California Chapter, where he and other celebrities fished, hunted, and dined with terminally ill children and their families. This event is a favorite of Frye’s which he plans to continue each year.


Don Frye stated, “It’s a pure sport. Everything is pure. There’s no BS, no politics, no favoritism. You just get in there and fight. Once you’re in the ring, it’s about who’s got the most guts and the most talent. I am very excited to be joining FanDom as it the perfect ring to communicate in an unfiltered level.”


4.  Announced the appointment of Jackie James to the Advisory Board


Jackie James is the Creator and Host of Girly Locker Room, a sports and entertainment show focused on promoting the pop culture side of the games while defeating stereotypes and connecting an unlikely audience to traditional sports fans and athletes. Girly Locker Room translates the world of sports to the masses in fun and relatable ways.  As an active influencer and catalyst of change, Jackie’s fresh perspective amplifies the way sports are received while strengthening and empowering the athletic community.  Jackie James commented, “Girly Locker Room is a living documentation of my unconventional journey to becoming a sports fan while sharing experiences, mistakes, and lessons learned along the way.”


5.  Announced the appointment of Muay Thai Fighter and Trainer Edmond Bilbasoo to the Advisory Board


Edmond Bilbasoo is a lifelong Martial Arts trainer and fighter with an extensive experience as a Certified Muay Thai Instructor and is the founder of Body Dynamite and their Work-Out Fitness Videos.  He has trained and fought in Thailand, throughout the US, Europe, and other parts of Asia.  Edmond works with numerous professional and amateur fighters in Muay Thai and is also a well-recognized striking coach for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighters, including Urijah Faber, Tyron Woodley and Paige Van Zant. In 2015, Mr. Bilbasoo appeared on the UFC produced reality television series as the Muay Thai trainer for Urijah Faber’s team against Conner McGregor in the sports reality show The Ultimate Fighter: Team McGregor vs. Team Faber on the Fox Sports Network.


6.  Announced the addition of Jonna Birgans to the Business Development Team


Jonna Birgans is a seasoned digital media and business development Executive. Jonna has created content for powerhouse media companies such as The Gameshow Network, Studios USA, MTV and Billboard to name a few. She is also a pioneer of the digital out of home industry, overseeing programming strategy and business development for brands like Walmart, Best Buy, Taco Bell as well as major US airports. Jonna originally hails from Finland but calls New York City home after residing in the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles for two decades. She is passionate about startups and putting together teams that are in it to win it!


7.  Announced the addition of Digital Media Executive Sheila Romana to the Advisory Board


With over 20 years’ experience in marketing & publicity, Sheila is a veteran at targeting male audiences and sports fans. As a former marketing exec at NBC, Sheila oversaw development and execution of large-scale national advertising campaigns for MSNBC,, NBC Cable Networks,, and the NBC Olympic coverage. Through her own company, RMS, she has led digital PR campaigns for UFC, “The Walking Dead”, “Black Sails”, “Inglorious Bastards” and dozens of independent horror, action and sci-fi movies, and other male-skewing genres. Sheila graduated with a BBA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and holds an MBA from Arizona State University.


8.  The Company relocated its head office from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to offices in Santa Monica, California. 


9.  The Company listed its stock on the OTCQB exchange in the United States as well as the Frankfurt Exchange in Germany.


10.  The Company has done several film shoots for content in the studio of DJ SKEE as well as out on the streets and sports stadiums.


11.  The Company has run various advertising campaigns throughout the year.  FanDom Sports was featured in a full-page advertisement at the 2016 MLB All Star game.


12.  The Company is currently running advertisements on various television and radio networks in preparation for the launch of the App in Q1 2017


FanDom Sports Media would also like to thank Tristan Brett for his hard work on the FanDom Sport App thought out the year. Mr. Brett has 20 years of creative development experience in the video game industry. In his ten years at Electronic Arts (1995-2005), His roles included Lead Artist, Designer, Technical Artist and Concept Artist. Tristan has been employed at Relic Entertainment since 2006- present as a Principal Artist. Tristan’s portfolio of AAA titles and franchises ranges from racing titles like “Need for Speed” and “Sled Storm” to strategy titles “Battle for Middle Earth” and “Command and Conquer” to first-person shooter video game “Medal of Honor”, “Frontlines” and “SpaceMarine”.


FanDom Sports Media would also like to thank Adrian Cook for his contribution to the Company this year. Adrian Crook is an award-winning game design consultant with over 20 years’ experience in the social, casual, and core games sectors. He has produced and designed over two dozen products across platforms ranging from early Nintendo and Sega Genesis to PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, PC, Xbox 360, Wii, Facebook, iOS, and Online. In 2006, Adrian was named Producer of the Year by the Canadian New Media Awards and his products have won numerous awards, including “Game of the Year.”


To review the Talk About Our Teams campaign please click on the below:



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Founder and CEO Blair Naughty stated: “It has been a very creative, productive and exciting year at FanDom Sports Media. The Company is in the final stages of the App build and plans to release version 1.0 in Q1 2017. Management is actively negotiating with advertisers and sponsors and is also in the midst of planning events for the upcoming 2017 sporting season. The last four years of hard work and development are coming to a close and the much anticipated launch is now upon us. I would like to thank all of the sports fans, stakeholders and shareholders of Fandom Sports Media for their continued support and belief in what we are setting out to accomplish. We feel that we are filling a very large void in the digital media market that is desperately needed. FanDom is looking to provide a place where people can debate and argue in a safe and structured environment on the sports they are passionate about. Their voices will be heard. There will be a beginning and most importantly and end to every debate, with a winning side and a losing side. The trolls that make reading the comment sections so unappealing in digital media will vanish and give way to an entertaining, fun and social environment filled with relevant content and opinions that matter. FanDom will not be the place to go to check the scores, but will be the place to go to argue, read, listen to and watch compelling content on the current hot issues in sports and be thoroughly entertained.”


About Fandom Sports Media Corp.


Fandom Sports Media Corp. is an aggregator, curator and producer of unique fan-focused content offered on a category-specific, social network and delivered through the Fandom Sports Media mobile app. We tap into the passion of fans by providing an engaging social platform for the world’s most enthusiastic sports fans to share, compare, moan, whine, gloat and trash talk about the sports, teams, players, fans and owners they love, hate and love to hate. We’re like that fun guy or girl at the sports bar or Super Bowl party that everyone wants to hang out with.  Our unique approach will blend curated content with user-generated content while providing access to athletes and celebrities both on-line and at local sponsored events. Fun. Friendly. Smart. Entertaining.


The FanDom Sports App is a mobile application that will revolutionize how sports fans connect. The App will allow fans to interact, debate and argue on selected sports topics in a structured way, as well as test their knowledge of sports trivia – all the while being rewarded for their participation. Fans will also have access to a host of professional athletes, through “off the field” branded and custom content on the App as well as in person at our sponsored events.


The Sports Industry is a multibillion-dollar business and FanDom Sports has devised a way to monetize the final frontier.


To find out more about Fandom Sports, please contact investor relations at 604-346-7613.


You may also visit the Company’s website at


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Blair Naughty, CEO


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