5th Urban Underground Space & Tunnelling Asia Summit 2017 (Singapore – September 7-8, 2017)


Dublin – Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “5th Urban Underground Space & Tunnelling Asia Summit 2017” conference to their offering.

One of the biggest challenges Asia face is the design of sustainable underground space and the exploration of how tunneling can help address the problems of urban sprawl, traffic congestion and pollution that have threatened the prospects of biodiversity, livability and general well-being of the inhabitants. Underground space in Asian countries is an important potential resource, where effective utilization of urban underground space can perfect the urban comprehensive function.

The growing need for underground space in urban areas as an alternative to surface alignments, for space under existing surface structures, has increased the frequency of underground construction in highly urbanized areas. Asian governments are searching and exploring new underground space functions for secured and protected public assets as well as exploring the option of re-invention and optimization of underground space functions in urban areas.

Because of the above reasons, it is particularly important that people involved in the design and development of underground space should work together and exchange their experiences as a means to promote the development and use of more underground facilities. In addition, technological development aimed at facilitating more risk-free underground construction must be pursued.

Following the success of our past annual urban underground space and tunnelling events, the 5th Urban Underground Space & Tunnelling Asia Summit taking place from 7-9th November 2017 will continues its journey in Asia’s Underground City – Singapore! This is why you must not miss golden opportunities to be at this year’s conference as we will be bringing together high profile decision makers such as government authorities/ ministries / project developers and urban underground space and tunneling industry leaders around the world to provide a unique insight into the complexity and challenges of underground infrastructure & tunneling in urban areas, discover potential opportunities in designing underground space for more live-able sustainable & people centric spaces, focus on non-tunneling aspects, managing groundwater inflows and micro-tunneling as well as issues relevant to the design and construction of underground works.

For more information about this conference visit https://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/443vsd/5th_urban

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