Two Day Coastal & Environmental Summit 2017 (Singapore, November 8-9, 2017)


Dublin – Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Coastal & Environmental Summit 2017” conference to their offering.

1st Coastal & Environment Summit for Public Authorities & Private Contractors in Coastal Engineering, Coastal Defence and Coastal Environmental Sustainable Development

Coastal and Marine Habitat Protection & Conservation have become major global agenda across national departments, authorities and ministries responsible for environment, wildlife protection, land uses and coastal zone development communities.

Losses of biodiversity, disturbance of marine species, coastal erosion, degradation of natural habitat can be associated with and caused by combination of various factors including natural and man-made changes to coastal environments including rising sea levels, land reclamation, protective structures development, waterborne transportation networks, ports development oil spills, marine fragmentation, sewage discharge, poor beach drainage systems, and many more.


– Minimising Adverse Impacts of Human Activities on Marine Habitats and Coastal Biodiversity
– Approaches & Measures to Restore, Improve and Conserve Degraded Coastal Ecology
– Developing Environmentally & Economically Sound Coastal Risk Reduction Measures


– Case studies on nature-based & adaptive integrated coastal zone management
– Evaluating progress and improving multiuse coastal resources management in coastal marine spatial planning
– Monitoring and assessing land reclamation’s impacts on species, habitats and ecosystem processes – sediment & materials management, permanent loss of marine habitats, changes in coastal currents, benthos organisms
– Evaluating coastal risks reduction strategies and their performance – economic costs, benefits and environmental effects
– Overcoming Inhibitors in Recovering and Restoration of Degraded Marine Ecology
– Addressing coastal pollution, littering and untreated sewage in coastal region
– Integrated coastal management and sustainable ecotourism, aquaculture
– Initiatives for optimising cooperation between national planning and local administrative agencies’ programmes in delivery of objectives

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